Bibilically Sound

The book of Acts is filled with National Missions. Men of God would go to a foreign country, preach the Gospel, win souls, establish churches, and train nationals to reach their own people with the Gospel of Christ. N.O.W. Ministries identifies National Pastors and Missionaries who are Baptist in doctrine and practice and who are worthy of support. Once these men are identified, N.O.W. Ministries then identifies Independent Baptist Churches in the United States United States that are willing to become partners with these men for the cause of world evangelization.

Basic Stewardship

Those churches who support National Missions are good stewards of God’s money. National Pastors and Missionaries live according to the economy and culture of their own people. They do not have to go to language school; It does not take them from three to five years to get started in the ministry; They do not have to go back to the states on furlough every four years; They do not have to leave the field, even though foreign missionaries may be put out of their country.
National Pastors in India receive from $15.00 to $50.00 per month in support. National Pastors in Africa receive from $20.00 to $50.00 in monthly support. This meager sum allows these National Pastors to feed their families and conduct full-time ministry. For as little as $10.00 to $15.00, a church or individual can make a huge difference in the life and ministry of a National Pastor or Missionary.

Broadly Successful

God is using a partnership between Independent Baptist Churches in the United States and National Pastors and Missionaries to get the Gospel to “...the uttermost part of the earth.”
American Missionaries cannot conduct full-time ministry in Cuba. They are not allowed by Cuban law to begin a church or become the pastor of a church. If an American Missionary were discovered trying to begin a church in Cuba, that Missionary could be imprisoned and at the least deported from Cuba, never to be allowed to return. Yet, Godly National Pastors and Missionaries are evangelizing their Island for the glory of God. N.O.W. Ministries is currently helping 75 Cuban Pastors and Missionaries who are responsible for over 300 churches on the Island of Cuba.
The country of India is another place American Missionaries cannot legally conduct Gospel ministry. If an American Missionary were discovered trying to begin a church, that Missionary would be deported from the country. But, the good news is, National Pastors and Missionaries in India are starting an average of one new Independent Baptist Church every day.
An American Missionary would be arrested for even handing out a tract in Vietnam. Yet, there are at least 70 Independent Baptist Churches there reaching people with the Gospel.
The list goes on and on and continues to reinforce the fact that if we are going to reach the world, we must form a partnership with National Pastors and Missionaries.